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My name is Firman and I am very happy to have you on my website.
I am an innovation R&D Engineer located in France and I’ll be very happy to share to you about everything, from working as engineer, music, photography, etc. Please check my professional works below, and if it does resonate with you, let me know about it.

Innovation R&D Engineer – Thales France Office (2017-2019)
Biometry: Fingerprint and Facial Liveness Detection
Other than matching process, liveness detection is a critical operation in biometry system. We should be able to differ between original and authentic forms of biometry (such as fingers and face) to the fake forms of them (fake fingerprint, image of face, video of face). There are lots of possibilities in the detection technique, but we have to make sure it doesn’t affect the biometric matching quality and also the user experience.

Innovation R&D Engineer – Thales Singapore Office (2015-2017)
Biometry: Fingerprint Matching
Human fingerprint matching process is not like what you saw on CSI or any other action movies. It doesn’t involve graphical scan to hundreds or thousands of fingerprint images. It’s much simpler than that, but with simplicity comes complexity. We should be able to compare a fingerprint in a short period of time, both 1-to-1 and 1-to-n comparisons. We also should be able to integrate the solution to the company biometric card solution, which require high level of detection quality and performance.

Split Multi-party Computation
This is an interesting topic involving a research in mathematics and digital security. The research question is, can a digital operation (signing/encrypting) be split to 2 or more parties? It is possible to do that so we create a mechanism to digitally sign a document from 2 sides, mobile application and server. Both parties will have their own private keys, and if the signing is done by both parties, it should be successfully verified with a single public key.

Know Your Customer (KYC)
Nowadays, it is important to have a quick way to verify your customer. By checking the authenticity and validity of their government-issue ID, we could enable and deliver a service faster to the customer. This technology involves a camera operation from mobile Apps (Android and IOS) and image processing technique using OpenCV.

Before working in Thales, I worked as research assistant in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) from 2011 to 2015, and I had a research experience in Tokyo Insitute of Technology (Tokodai) Japan from 2013 to 2014.

Feel free to contact me at firmanazhari@gmail.com
Merci beaucoup.